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      Guaranteed investments are typically associated with GIC's and fixed term deposits available from your local bank. As it turns out, your local bank is probably not the best place to get your GIC.

      Have you ever considered checking out a credit union for their best interest rate? How about a trust company? Did you know that insurance companies also offer GIC type of investments with deposit insurance provided by the biggest insurance companies in the world? Now that's security!

      Even in the world of GIC's and fixed term deposits you can get up to 40% higher interest rates simply by shopping around. Check out your local newspaper. Most large newspapers provide a list of all the major institutions and their rates. But don't stop there. Check the yellow pages under banks, trust companies, insurance companies, etc. there are lots of options out there. If you have decided that a GIC is the best investment for you, make sure you get the absolute best GIC interest rate you can get.

      In addition to doing your own shopping around you should also consult a deposit broker. Considering that there are hundreds of institutions offering GIC's, doing a thorough job of shopping around can be very time consuming. Fortunately there are people who specialize in shopping around for the best GIC rates on your behalf.

      Deposit brokers have agreements with banks, trust companies, insurance companies and lots of other institutions offering GIC's and other fixed term, fixed interest rate investments. If you want to delegate the responsibility of shopping around to someone else a registered deposit broker is your answer. Here is a good place if you want to get the

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Better Than GIC's
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      GIC's and fixed term deposits aren't the only kind of guaranteed investments available. Many other types of investments can give you a guaranteed interest rate. They are just as secure as bank GIC's and sometimes even more secure. The interest rates are always higher than what the banks will give you.

      How is this possible?

      In order to understand how some companies can offer such high interest rates you need to understand what a GIC is.

      GIC stands for for Guaranteed Investment Certificate. It is a way for the bank to raise money so they can lend it out to you as a personal loan, mortgage, or credit card. You'll notice that the rate the bank pays you is always lower than the rate they charge you when you need money. GIC's are the basis for all the financial services offered by your bank.

      Other companies also need to raise money so they can run their business. However, since people don't automatically go to these companies to invest their money, they need to offer a higher rate than the banks, to get your attention.

      In fact, companies compete with each other to offer you best interest rate possible in order to grow their business. Companies may need to buy more equipment, build a new building, buy a lump-sum of inventory in order to get a good deal on something, etc. These are short-term needs where the bank won't give them a loan, so they need to go looking for investors.

      Some of these investment opportunities are good and some are not. Investment Canada's research team is constantly searching for good opportunities for investors. When we find something that looks good, we send out a bulletin to all the members via email.

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