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      Retirement-planning scares people. Unless you have a lot more money than you will ever spend, you need to plan your finances very carefully.

      You need to balance the monthly income you take out from your savings with an estimate of how long you might live. The last thing you want is to run out of money during your lifetime. That would be very poor retirement-planning.

      Since retirement means that you are not working to earn money anymore, you need to get the most from your savings. This means you have to be diligent about getting all the tax breaks you are entitled to and avoiding investments that could lose money.

      The other thing you need to manage in your retirement-planning is your retirement lifestyle. In addition to living off your savings, you may want to do some travelling or get into a hobby that you never had time for while you were working.

      In addition, you may have children, grand children and other family members that you would like to contribute to. Or, maybe you want to support some cause that you never had time to spend time with before. Everything has financial implications. It is all part of retirement-planning.

      This section is designed to give you information and resources to help you have the best retirement lifestyle that you could possibly have. You'll learn about government programs, tax benefits and promotions offered by companies that will help you truly enjoy your golden years.

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